Hail Something - Dikembe


Hail Something - Dikembe

"[Dikembe] continue to be the one punk band whose hip-hop references come exclusively from female rappers" – Pitchfork

Hail Something sees Dikembe continue to experiment with their sound as they persist in forging their own path in the rapidly overcrowded scene. Of particular note is their embracement of punk influences, whilst still retaining the intensity play off between instrumentation and vocals, a characteristic of previous releases that Dikembe have become renowned for.

In speaking about the record, vocalist and guitarist Steven Gray reveals “Hail Something is a deeply personal record for me. It chronicles my 2015, which consisted of crippling depression, followed by a planned pregnancy, then baby, followed by a mental breakdown and finally happiness, acceptance and hope”.

010 Tests
200 Bone (Australian exclusive)
200 Yellow (American exclusive)
200 Green (UK exclusive)
400 Black

Download card included.
Mastered by Carl Saff (Oslow, Iron Chic, AJJ, You Blew It!).

by Dikembe and LostBoyRecords