Paper Thin - Paper Thin


Paper Thin - Paper Thin

Paper Thin only started playing together in April of 2016, but quickly entered the studio to record their debut EP after finding an instant spark between the members.

Comprised of some of Newcastle's finest punk and folk musicians, the band sees singer-songwriter Spencer Scott joined by members of Adeline Pines, Jen Buxton & the Slaughterhouse Five and Crystal Cove. As a group, Paper Thin meld elements of emo, pop-punk and folk to create a sound not far removed from their influences, but still intrinsically their own.

First Pressing:
050 clear cassette tapes (hand-numbered)
100 compact discs
Second pressing:
050 clear cassette tapes (hand-numbered with different artwork)

Download card included.
Recorded and mixed by Geoff Mullard at RTN Studios (Like...Alaska, Jen Buxton, Conation). Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering (The Wonder Years, Tigers Jaw, Title Fight).

Digital copies available here.

by Paper Thin , Spencer Scott , and LostBoyRecords ,